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Smartphone LG Optimus L7 P Desbloqueado Oi Branco GSM Android ICS 4. Find this Pin and more on Comparativas smartphones by Jacint Cano. Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V vs Samsung Galaxy Ace, Comparamos el Xperia Neo V con Orange Montecarlo (ZTE Skate), Características, Opiniones y Precios del.
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Huawei vs ZTE vs Samsung vs LG Comparativa de android económicos

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7. Samsung SGH-I Samsung GalaxyNexus. Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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HTC Raider Xe. HTC Amaze 4G. Fujitsu FD. Huawei MediaPad. Kttech KM-S Archos G9. Acer Iconia Tab A Asus Transformer TFG. Motorola XT HTC Velocity 4G. Asus Transformer TF Toshiba AT Pantech IM-TK. Zte SmartTab HTC Sensation. Amazon Kindle Fire. Motorola Xoom. Motorola Atrix 2. Sony Ericsson Tablet S. Motorola ME HTC Flyer P Samsung SCD. HTC Flyer Pe. Dell Streak 7.

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Samsung SCH-I Malata Viewsonic G-Tablet. Samsung GT-P Motorola Atrix 4G. Motorola Atrix. HTC Sensation Ze. Motorola Electrify. Motorola Photon 4G. LG Optimus 3D. Malata SMBA LG Optimus G2X. LG Optimus 2X. HTC Sensation 4G. Sharp SHD. Huawei U HTC PG Samsung Galaxy S Plus. HTC Sensation Port. Huawei M HTC ThunderBolt.

Samsung Nexus S DroniX. Sony Ericsson LT18i. HTC PH Zte Light Tab 2. Motorola Triumph. Sony Ericsson ST15a. Samsung Nexus S.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016)

Samsung Nexus S 4G. Pantech IM-AL. Samsung Stealth V. HTC Incredible 2.

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Samsung Exhibit II 4G. Samsung Galaxy U. HTC Inspire 4G. HTC Pyramid. LG Revolution. HTC Rhyme Sb. Samsung Epic 4G. Sony Ericsson ST18a. HTC Glacier.

Although early batteries were of value for experimental purposes, in practice their voltages fluctuated. It consisted of a pot filled with a copper sulfate solution, in which was immersed an unglazed earthenware container filled with sulfuric acid. These wet cells used liquid electrolytes, which were prone to leakage and spillage if not handled correctly, many used glass jars to hold their components, which made them fragile and potentially dangerous.

These characteristics made wet cells unsuitable for portable appliances, near the end of the nineteenth century, the invention of dry cell batteries, which replaced the liquid electrolyte with a paste, made portable electrical devices practical.

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Batteries convert chemical energy directly to electrical energy, a battery consists of some number of voltaic cells. Battery charger — A battery charger, or recharger, is a device used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it. The charging protocol depends on the size and type of the battery being charged, some battery types have high tolerance for overcharging and can be recharged by connection to a constant voltage source or a constant current source, depending on battery type.

Other battery types cannot withstand over-charging, being damaged or overheating or even exploding, a trickle charger provides a relatively small amount of current, only enough to counteract self-discharge of a battery that is idle for a long time. Slow battery chargers may take hours to complete a charge, high-rate chargers may restore most capacity much faster. Such batteries require active monitoring of the battery to protect it from overcharge, Electric vehicles ideally need high-rate chargers, for public access, installation of such chargers and the distribution support for them is an issue in the proposed adoption of electric cars.

Charge and discharge rates are often denoted as C or C-rate, any battery has an energy capacity which is given in amp-hours or milliamp-hours. Such high charging rates are only with some battery types. Others will be damaged or possibly overheat or catch fire, for example, an automobile SLI lead-acid battery carries several risks of explosion.

A simple charger works by supplying a constant DC or pulsed DC power source to a battery being charged, a simple charger typically does not alter its output based on charging time or the charge on the battery. This simplicity means that a simple charger is inexpensive, but there are tradeoffs, typically, a carefully designed simple charger takes longer to charge a battery than otherwise because it is set to use a lower charging rate to prevent damage.

Even so, many batteries left on a charger for too long will be weakened or destroyed due to over-charging. These chargers also vary in that they can supply either a constant voltage, or a constant current, simple AC-powered battery chargers usually have much higher ripple current and ripple voltage than other kinds of battery chargers because they are inexpensively designed and built.

Generally, when the current is within a batterys manufacturer recommended level. Fast chargers make use of control circuitry to charge the batteries without damaging any of the cells in the battery. The control circuitry can be built into the battery or in the charging unit. Most such chargers have a fan to help keep the temperature of the cells at safe levels. Touchscreen — A touchscreen is a input and output device normally layered on the top of an electronic visual display of an information processing system.

The touchscreen enables the user to interact directly with what is displayed, rather using a mouse, touchpad. Touchscreens are common in such as game consoles, personal computers, tablet computers, electronic voting machines, point of sale systems. They can also be attached to computers or, as terminals and they also play a prominent role in the design of digital appliances such as personal digital assistants and some e-readers. The popularity of smartphones, tablets, and many types of appliances is driving the demand and acceptance of common touchscreens for portable.

The application of technology for air traffic control was described in an article published in A resistive touchscreen was developed by American inventor George Samuel Hurst, the first version was produced in This arrangement can sense any fingertip-sized opaque object in close proximity to the screen, a similar touchscreen was used on the HP starting in , this was one of the worlds earliest commercial touchscreen computers.

HP mounted their infrared transmitters and receivers around the bezel of a 9 Sony Cathode Ray Tube, in , Fujitsu released a touch pad for the Micro 16, to deal with the complexity of kanji characters, which were stored as tiled graphics. In , Sega released the Terebi Oekaki, also known as the Sega Graphic Board, for the SG video game console and it consisted of a plastic pen and a plastic board with a transparent window where the pen presses are detected. It was used primarily for a software application. A graphic touch tablet was released for the Sega AI Computer in , touch-sensitive Control-Display Units were evaluated for commercial aircraft flight decks in the early s.

In , the University of Toronto group including Bill Buxton developed a tablet that used capacitance rather than bulky camera-based optical sensing systems. In , the first graphical point of sale software was demonstrated on the bit Atari ST color computer and it featured a color touchscreen widget-driven interface. In , Casio launched the Casio PB pocket computer with a touchscreen consisting of a 4x4 matrix, until touchscreens had the bad reputation of being imprecise.

Fingerprint — A fingerprint in its narrow sense is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. The recovery of fingerprints from a scene is an important method of forensic science. Fingerprints are easily deposited on surfaces by the natural secretions of sweat from the eccrine glands that are present in epidermal ridges.

These are sometimes referred to as Chanced Impressions, in a wider use of the term, fingerprints are the traces of an impression from the friction ridges of any part of a human or other primate hand. A print from the sole of the foot can also leave an impression of friction ridges, deliberate impressions of fingerprints may be formed by ink or other substances transferred from the peaks of friction ridges on the skin to a relatively smooth surface such as a fingerprint card.

Fingerprint records normally contain impressions from the pad on the last joint of fingers and thumbs, human fingerprints are detailed, nearly unique, difficult to alter, and durable over the life of an individual, making them suitable as long-term markers of human identity. Fingerprint analysis, in use since the early 20th century, has led to many crimes being solved and this means that many criminals consider gloves essential. In , the identification of sex by use of a fingerprint test has been reported. A friction ridge is a portion of the epidermis on the digits.

These are sometimes known as epidermal ridges which are caused by the interface between the dermal papillae of the dermis and the interpapillary pegs of the epidermis. These ridges may also assist in gripping surfaces and may improve surface contact in wet conditions. Before computerisation, manual filing systems were used in large fingerprint repositories, manual classification systems were based on the general ridge patterns of several or all fingers. This allowed the filing and retrieval of paper records in large collections based on friction ridge patterns alone, the most popular systems used the pattern class of each finger to form a key to assist lookup in a filing system.

Ulnar loops start on the pinky-side of the finger, the closer to the ulna. Radial loops start on the thumb-side of the finger, the closer to the radius. Whorls may also have sub-group classifications including plain whorls, accidental whorls, double loop whorls, peacocks eye, composite, other common fingerprint patterns include the tented arch, the plain arch, and the central pocket loop. The system used by most experts, although complex, is similar to the Henry System of Classification. It provides an alternative to GPS and is the second alternative navigational system in operation with global coverage, smartphones generally tend to use the same chipsets and the versions used since receive GLONASS signals and positioning information along with GPS.

Since , GLONASS was the second most used positioning system in mobile phones after GPS, the system has the advantage that smartphone users receive a more accurate reception identifying location to within 2 meters. Development of GLONASS began in the Soviet Union in , beginning on 12 October , numerous rocket launches added satellites to the system until the constellation was completed in The satellites are located in middle circular orbit at 19, kilometres altitude with a The constellation operates in three planes, with eight evenly spaced satellites on each.

A fully operational constellation with global coverage consists of 24 satellites, to get a position fix the receiver must be in the range of at least four satellites. The navigational message is modulated at 50 bits per second, the superframe of the open signal is bits long and consists of 5 frames of 30 seconds, taking seconds to transmit the continuous message.

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Each frame is bits long and consists of 15 strings of bits, with 85 bits for data and check-sum bits, and 15 bits for time mark. Strings provide immediate data for the satellite, and are repeated every frame, the data include ephemeris, clock and frequency offsets. Strings provide non-immediate data for each satellite in the constellation, with frames I-IV each describing five satellites, the almanac uses modified Keplerian parameters and is updated daily.

The details of the signal have not been disclosed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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The term, maverick, originally meaning an un-branded calf, came from a Texas pioneer rancher, Sam Maverick, use of the word maverick spread among cowboys and came to apply to unbranded calves found wandering alone 2.