Cut the rope 2 android walkthrough

Cheats, Solutions, Tips, Answers and Walkthroughs for popular app game “Cut the Rope 2”, available on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Kindle and Android. Cut the Rope.
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Cut the Rope 2

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Cut the Rope 2 - A free Latest Game

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Want to wait a bit more, or reload the game? Oops, something went wrong. Try again! Oops, something went wrong while loading your game. Block Allow. All three variations of a level are included below. Back to top.

Quick Start Guide

Wait for the balloon to settle at the top, then pop it to collect the final fruits and complete the level. Once you see there is an opening ie, the middle star is a bit centered , try to drop the candy to the right of the stars and directly into Om Nom's mouth. This is exactly the same as , but must be done quickly. Pop 3 as soon as it collects the top star.

Cut the Rope 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - The Forest! 3 Stars! (iOS, Android)

Pop 4 as soon as it collects the final star to hopefully pass this level in one shot. Pop the balloons in the order indicated. Always wait for the candy to roll to one end before popping 2 , 4 , and 6. Wait for the candy to roll all the way to the left before doing anything. Pop 6 , wait a couple of seconds, and pop 7 before the candy settles.

Cut The Rope 2

This is done nearly identically to , but you must pop the balloon right as it begins to veer left to avoid the first star. Once the plank is airborne, use a balloon power-up and attach it to the candy. Ignore the plank and its balloon. Wait for the candy to float up and collect fruit, then cut its tether from the balloon before the balloon floats too high and disappears.

Cut 4 to finish. Have Om Nom ride Roto all the way to the right, then back to the left. After Roto has begun going right again, tap him at the indicator to drop Om Nom on the platform and collect the final fruit and candy. Collect the first star, then try to drop Om Nom before he touches the second star. The timing on this is tricky, because the window between touching the second star and dropping Om Nom into the abyss is very short.

How to beat levels 1 to 4 Level 1 Objective: Collect 3 stars Cut the rope and the candy will fall straight down into Om Nom's mouth, collecting all 3 stars in the process Level 2 Objective: Collect 3 stars Cut the rope so the candy falls onto the platform below Once the candy has landed on the bottom platform, cut to compete the level Level 3 Objective: Collect 3 stars Cut and wait for the candy to roll onto the lower plank Cut as soon as you collect the star to roll to victory Level 4 Objective: Collect 3 stars Cut so the candy falls and collects the first two stars Once the candy has settled mid-air, cut 2 to knock the plank over to create a bridge Once the plank has settled, cut 3 at the indicator while the candy is lightly swinging right to get the last star Back to top How to beat level 5 Level Objective: Collect 3 stars Simply pop the balloon once the stars are aligned to collect all three.

Level Objective: Collect 20 fruit Wait for the balloon to settle at the top, then pop it to collect the final fruits and complete the level.


Collect 0 stars You must pop the balloon before it lines up with the stars.