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Nimbuzz Messenger is a free chat calling app that helps you connect to your IM Facebook friends for Nokia / / Nuron Free Download.
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Stay tuned to http: Salute to your service!!! Thank you for giving us such an awesome messenger. The UI and menu option in Nimbuzz is superb and so friendly. Nowadays am facing a problem with Nimbuzz is that its often getting disconnected. Am a Nokia e72 user. Thank you once again team!! Nissan Ahmed — We have introduced this feature in our application. However, you need a device which supports Bangla Language in order to use the Nimbuzz application with Bangla support.

Gaurav Kamaljith — Would request you to update the application from get. In case you still face any issues please reach out to support nimbuzz. However, it never connects with yahoo no matter how many times I try. Is Nimbuzz having a beef with yahoo? Kindly check and rectify. Please help me! And another problem: This eror: It is 2days i am trying to clear it! I am using Nimbuzz for Nokia For many releases Twitter direct messages does not work on Nimbuzz. And for this one too. I can never see my dm box. Is it because of Twitter?

Thanks for your patience. To use this application with Bangla Language you need a device which supports Bangla language. If your device is not compatible with Bangla Language you will not be able to use the application with Bangla support. We will work on this issue and will consider implementing in our future releases. Obinna — Yahoo blocks access to your IM account via Nimbuzz, if it detects a lot of unsuccessful login attempts in a short period of time. You can do the following in order to unlock your Yahoo account and use it via Nimbuzz: Try to login into your Yahoo account from your web browser http: Kashif Khan — When you login to the Nimbuzz account make sure that caps lock is not switched on.

Please enter the username and password in lower case. In case you face any issues please get in touch with support nimbuzz. Chat rooms are not gud. It is on our roadmap, to provide this feature to other platforms as well, but unfortunately we cannot provide you with a fix date for it to be implemented.

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We will announce it as soon as it is available. Stay tuned to our Blog http: Sandeep Bishnoi — Thanks for valuable feedback. We are constantly working on improving our application and appreciate the suggestion provided by you, which will work on in our future release. Soren — Would request you to remove the application once from your device completely and re-install the application from get.

In case you still face any issue please get in touch with support nimbuzz.

Baset sabouri — You can search for the device and download the latest version of Nimbuzz from get. I do enjoy Nimbuzz for my chatting and tweeting experience. But I suggest that an update option be included in the sign-in page for the benefit of users that may forget their log-in details reset. Sir, iam waiting ur video call nimbuzz for nokia belle , video call option now available pc and iphone ,then why u avoid for videocall option for nokia belle device symbian?

Fasal — Thanks for your valuable feedback.

We are constantly working on introducing new features in Nimbuzz. Please allow us some time and stay tuned for related info on http: Shakiru Owolabi — Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, much appreciated. We will consider it to be implemented in future releases. Ko Zaw Thwin piano — Please search for your device from the list and download the latest version of Nimbuzz from get.

Please let us know in case of any issues. Isaacjnr — Could you please let us know the error you are getting while adding this communities on Nimbuzz account? We expect that too And other things are just outstanding credits And none other messengers shines like team nimbuzz! Hats of u for your services.. Keep growing. Hi nimbuzz…i m user of nokia E Ur services are fantastic.

Its a great feel using latest version. Everythng is fantastic.

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Download Nimbuzz Older Versions for Nokia Symbian Mobiles

The UI is better. I like the new large online icons. There is no hesitation saying this that Nimbuzz is one of the best applicatin in Symbian. Hi, In all earlier versions, yahoo pingbox users website visitors are not being able to chat via nimbuzz yahoo. We just receive their message as guest but they do not receive our messages sent via nimbuzz yahoo.

Have we sorted this out in this new release? I changed my phone number but Nimbuzz is not able to verify it. What to do??? Anubhav- Would request to reach out to support nimbuzz.

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Are you using an specific feature? Anurag — We are still working on introducing this feature in our future releases. However, we can not fix up a date for its release. Stay tuned for related news and info on blog. You can make the changes to settings of twitter under Nimbuzz account to update the refresh time. I m from india, using nimbuzz on nokia e71 with network vodafone. You will not face any issue if you follow the above step.

Whenever i call any nimbuzz contact after some seconds my mobile switching off and restarts again…so what could be the problem. Thanks and best regards.. If you still this issue please check your device for viruses. Abhi — Could you please let us know the exact issue you are facing while using this feature on your device? Do you receive any error message while accessing this keyboard? I can not open chats. I can select other options contacts, twitter etc but can not open chats.

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Why nimbuzz 3. Unlike nimbuzz 3. I mean, like: Receive files. Dial numbers. Recent calls. My Info. Group chat.

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I want to download the file directly on Nimbuzz, not in the mobile browser. We will consider these to be implemented in our future releases. Stay tuned for related info on http: Kashif Khan — If you have forgot your username or password and you have registered your email address or phone number you can request a password reset by following this link: Gaj- Please make sure that you enter the username and the password in lower case.

You will not face this error. Kashif Khan — Would request you to please reach out to support nimbuzz. Please Help,my nimbuzz chatroom feature is not working.

Nimbuzz Messenger 2.4.1 For Symbian Phones

Whenever I enter any chatrooms. Please help Nimbuzz team,I am facing this problem for past many months. You will not receive any more error when you access chatroom. Hi admin i hope u are al fyn my name is waseem and my id has been blocked wid out any reason so plz get back my id jogi nimbuzz. Wazi — Please reach out to support nimbuzz. Thanks once again for your valuable feedback. Mail will not be published required. You can subscribe by RSS feed or by e-mail to receive latest mobile downloads to email inbox.

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