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AT&T EL 3-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System & Extra-large Backlit Keys. PANASONIC DECT Expandable Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine and Call Blocking - 3 Handsets - KX-TGEB (Black) VTech CS 2-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with.
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Previous page. Best cordless phones for home. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Call Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm. This entry was posted on 29th January by Gary. Amplified phones aren't just for the hearing impaired. Amplified cordless phones are also highly beneficial to the elderly or those seeking an uncomplicated telephone. At Hearing Direct, you will find a range of cordless phones for seniors to assist the ageing, and hard of hearing community. As we age, it is only natural that our senses diminish and it is something that is very difficult to avoid.

Age-related hearing loss is one of the most common impairments that can affect us later on in life. Not to worry, there is a number of items out there especially on our website to help maintain your day-to-day antics. This is where amplified phones come in handy Different cordless phones for elderly have various features that are more than suitable for older generations.

Many of these amplified phones retain a modern contemporary design but incorporate important design features and functions.

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Depending on preference and requirements, you can choose from an array of models with a solution that can be tailored to the individual needs. For example, ringer and voice volume far exceeds that of generic phone models. In addition, they offer the same set of core functions that are fundamental for communication.

The added bonus is that there will be no cords restricting the location of your call, giving you the freedom to be on the phone in any room in your home. Amplified cordless phones for elderly persons feature elements to enhance how you communicate with loved ones. By offering the key features present with any other telephone, amplified phones will greatly benefit those with hearing loss, visual impairments or those after an easy-to-you model. Above all, amplified cordless phones for seniors and hard of hearing offer a significant additional volume increase to the incoming caller's voice and ringer volume making them ideal for those with some degree of hearing impairment.

When browsing cordless phones for elderly or seniors, full product descriptions and features are listed. At hearingdirect. You might want to consider a model that sports large backlit keys to help even individuals with low vision and allow them to use it in darker places as well. The fonts must be large, too. This way, the user will quickly find the desired keys. More often than not, seniors will need a phone that can amplify the incoming sound as old age might also include hearing problems.

Use this feature as a guide to filter the many products available on the market these days. Pay attention to the ringer sound and the receiver volume.

Cordless senior-friendly telephone systems just for you

As far as the first one is concerned, it is best to go for a phone that rings with a loud, repeating sound. Many products replicate the bell sound of old phones, which proves to be a feature many seniors like. Some seniors might have trouble understanding clearly what the caller says. There are models that will automatically amplify the receiver volume and then there are products that will allow you to adjust it manually. Look for a model that adds 30, 40, and even 50 dB to the conversation. Since seniors have greater risks of experiencing health problems, many phones for them feature visible emergency calls, and it is best to go for one that does so.

This button can prove to be a life-saver. Many such buttons are preprogrammed to call but you can also find products that give you the possibility to program this button to call a family member instead.

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  • Telephones for Seniors:

The emergency calls are usually bright red and can be easily located. Keep this factor in mind when looking for such a product. This simple button can make the whole difference in certain cases.

Phones For Seniors, Elderly and Hard of Hearing

You will often hear seniors saying they hear calls better when they use the speakerphone. This feature uses a speaker outside of the receiver to render the incoming call. Since it plays the phone call externally, the volume will obviously be higher than when listening only through the receiver. It is best to ask your senior if such an option is a must and act accordingly.

You might also check a model that includes an answering machine in case your senior wants one. Some models boast full controls that are built into the base whereas others will allow access via the handset. A phone whose base unit records and stores the messages is usually preferred yet the size of the unit will be larger.

Most cheap cordless phones for seniors will provide you with 10 minutes whereas more expensive phones can record up to an hour of messages. Given the many unnecessary calls we can get these days, a phone that allows the user to see who is calling and even block certain numbers can prove to be a feature your senior will thank you for. Many phones boast call-blocking features and some of them will even let you block unwanted phone numbers.

The Caller ID display will announce you the number of the caller so you can know before answering. Sophisticated call blocking phones can even act as a virtual secretary and ask the callers to leave their name before it actually asks you whether you want to take the call. Such phones might prove to be highly appreciated gifts for seniors or even cool gifts for retired teachers.

Also, consider how many speed-dial numbers you can store. Some phones will let you access the numbers you dial most often by simply pressing a single button. This can be a very useful feature for seniors who want to keep it simple. Yes, this is an option seniors with weak eyesight will find quite useful. This feature regards different aspects.

TOP 5: Phones For Senior Citizens 2018

You will find phones that will let the user know about the caller ID by announcing it out loud. Last but not least, the range the cordless phone is capable of counts a lot. You most probably want to walk around the house or office without worrying that your call could get disconnected. Most such phones provide a foot indoor range and a foot outdoor range.