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The UK leads Europe when it comes to smartphone usage, with more than half of UK employees access to company resources and data on their personal devices. Phones are easily lost, which presents a real danger if it has been used to.
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A University of Texas study showed that people only have to have their smartphone within their field of vision to make them worse at completing tasks and remembering information. Even if their phone is switched off but in their field of vision they can be negatively affected! Two experiments showed that if the phone was in a pocket or handbag it still had the ability to distract users and lead to worse test scores. It goes without saying that the impact is worse the more dependent the employee is on their phone. Even when people are successful at maintaining sustained attention — as when avoiding the temptation to check their phones — the mere presence of these devices reduces available cognitive capability.

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Using personal devices at work

Those who kept their phones out of sight in their pockets or their bags scored only slightly better than when phones were placed on desks. What if the phone was turned off and placed face down?

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  • Mobile Phone Regulations in the Workplace;
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  • The very presence of a mobile phone can cause poor performance!
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The phones were still a distraction. The buzz buzz of a new notification is not as harmless as it seems! The buzzing makes employees wonder about the content or source of the message.

  1. Your Privacy Rights at Work!
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  5. Using personal devices at work | Acas Workplace Snippet October | Acas.
  6. Just allowing your employees to have their phone near them at work can distract them and negatively affect their work performance. Whether you want to increase productivity, reduce error rates, improve team relationships, the evidence would suggest that instructing your employees to switch their phones off and leave them in their bag, their drawer will help. How you stop employees using their mobile phones at work is an important consideration, but consider this. Receive the latest news and employment related updates direct to your email.

    If you are staff at the hotel then, yes, you would need to give the person your last name if the person wanted to make an official complaint. If you are a fellow guest, then you are under no obligation. Mark - Dec A guest in a hotel wants to make a complain about me and he wants my "full name". I do not want to give him my full name, he can only have my first name. Is he entitled to have my full name or there is a some privacy at work in UK that make my last name "private and confidential"?

    The lock on my work locker was broken and removed while I was away on holiday to find something really trivial which could have easily been made by the engineer.

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    I was not emailed, nor told on my return. I just found it. Can they do that? Hello, today I heard one manager talking about one of my colleagues going to be investigated, and one of the supervisors answered "he is an idiot". Is it even legal to talk informally about a worker being investigated in public where others workers can hear about it?

    I thought there was a right to privacy in the work place regarding investigations? If someone can answer this I will appreciate it. I would like some advice about employers using cctv to mointoring you at work I thought they had to inform you before they commenced. Long - Jun 1: Enter word: Ask Our Experts Case Studies In The Home Site Information DE1 Re: Employee Surveillance I was assaulted at work by a member of the public, and the situation wasn't handled very well.

    I've asked my management to see the footage… 19 February Jayuk Re: Madie77 Re: As part of the investigation a… 7 February Dazza Re: Employee Surveillance Can a employee put a secret camera up at work without consent 6 February Pandabear1 Re: The Manchester evening news has used a photograph of me stood next to the priest who has been accused… 19 January Sonicson68 Re: My neighbour has put cctv cameras up pointing directly on my garden and drive is he allowed to do this… 14 January Weeme95 Re: I agreed for my company to use my photo on their web page but last night I went on and all my past… 12 January Fat head Re: Employee Surveillance I work for the local council as a security guard, we have been issued with body cameras.

    Can I stop employees using their mobile phones at work?

    The cameras fall off and are very unreliable, so… 5 January JayJay Re: A neighbor has cameras that film everyone who walks by his house. He often posts videos on social… 27 December Are Mobile Phones Necessary in the Workplace? It is thought by many that mobile phones play a vital role in keeping employees connected with important business contacts and friends and family in case of emergency, and are therefore a necessary feature in the workplace.

    However recent research by the University of Surrey looking into employee attitudes towards modern technology has found that by increasing workplace stress levels mobile phones are responsible for as much harm as good. The increasing reliance on mobiles for contacting colleagues and clients, for example, adversely affects the patience of other employees and the boss.

    Maintaining a harmonious and industrious workplace can be difficult at the best of times without adding into the mix the stress and anger caused by excessive and inappropriate mobile phone use. Company Rules and Regulations Regarding Mobile Use Individual organisations are at liberty to impose their own rules regarding the use of mobile phones, and many have done so.

    This may have come as a result of security concerns -particularly in light of the recent popularity of camera phones - or just due a poor record of mobile behaviour, where the effective operations of the company has been jeopardised by the inappropriate use of mobiles. These rules might vary from an outright ban on mobile devices to a set of company guidelines about when and where a mobile can be used and for what purpose.

    Mobile Etiquette at Work In the absence of a ban on mobile phones, what is clear is that a certain etiquette relating to mobile use in the workplace is needed. Employees should be made aware that their mobile use can easily cause distraction and irritation amongst fellow colleagues and should take steps to keep intrusive effects to a bare minimum:.

    If it is necessary to make or answer a call then it should be done so in a private area. If it is necessary to speak on the phone in the presence of others then do so in low tones. Mobile Phone Regulations in the Workplace. Previous Page. Next Page. You might also like Mobile Phones and Farming Advice. Evolution and the Mobile Phone. Mobiles and Weather Forecasting.

    Mobile Phone Regulations in the Workplace

    Wee yin - Your Question:. We have been told that we cannot have our phones out in the office desk and they have to be on silent not vibrate I have a 2year old child. Is this right?

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    • Banning mobile phones is an outdated policy;

    What if there is an emergency should they just phone my office number. MobilePhonesAndSafety - 4-Sep 1: Thanks Wee yin - Aug 8: