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Pandora Radio latest version: Get music recommendations live-streamed to your mobile device. Pandora Radio is a mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that allows you to listen to 8tracks. Listen to great music mixes ยท Free. 5.
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I love pandora.


I have the Premium subscription too. So I make good use of it. I believe it defaults to recently listened. But I have a LOT of stations. And sometimes I want to find a particular one. If I could sort my stations alphabetically, it would vastly improve the experience. Alphabetical sort is an option on the subscription one level down. Why should I have to downgrade to get what should be a standard feature? The other thing I wish was an option was the ability to view my subscription details through the app.

I do most everything on my phone or tablet through apps. If I want to look at my subscription info, I have to go to the website the app only shows what kind of account I have.

How to Install Pandora Onto Your iPhone

But the mobile phone web browser version website just redirects me to the app. So the only way I can see or change or update subscription info is to find a computer to use, which is inconvenient. Pandora is smart with assuming what music relates to my chosen bands. They are a little narrow in their offerings from any individual band.

It's easier than ever to shape your station.

I should hear their entire catalog. If I choose a genre-based station it is okay to play just hits from various bands in that genre, but if I pick a specific band, Pandora should be smart enough to realize I want everything from that band, not just their hit songs. I also have a frequent connectivity issue. I live in a rural area where it is not uncommon to lose cellular coverage and subsequently my Pandora feed.

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No problem, I understand this is unavoidable. The problem is that when I regain cellular connectivity Pandora often will not reboot. About half the time I have to turn my phone completely off to get Pandora to restart. This is not safe when I am driving so I either have to pull over or live without Pandora until I get to my destination.

I have an iPhone 6s with Apple CarPlay in my vehicle. I love Pandora except for these two issues. Thanks, Mike Kingsley.

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I listen to Ryan Farish radio on Pandora Plus everyday. So relaxing. It has become an addiction. I connect it to my car audio via Bluetooth on the iPhone app and play it on Roku TV while reading, surfing the net and relaxing. I listen to Pandora more than I watch TV. It throws in some classical, soft jazz, and EDM for variety.

Pandora Radio For iOS Hits Version 4, Adds New Social, Music Info Features

Even my bunny likes it! I tried Premium but went back down to Plus. I also just like to listen to the music randomly.

Most of the songs and artists I like most, could not be replayed or added to playlist on Premium anyways due to licensing. I also found the Premium app too confusing. Other than that, love this music.

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Could listen to it forever. App Store Preview.

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Description Pandora gives you a personalized listening experience that continually evolves with your tastes. Some recent additions include: In addition to music recommendations, Pandora Radio has a wide variety of music categories from which to choose that range from rap to holiday tunes.

What sets Pandora Radio back on a competitive level is that you have to endure short advertisements on occasion between songs. This isn't the case for other popular music streaming apps like Last. In addition, some songs repeat themselves within a very short time span. If you like them, fine. If not, the repeats can cause a bit of annoyance.

Also, if your internet connection is weak, Pandora Radio might freeze up from time to time, causing a less than pleasant music listening experience. Pandora Radio is a decent music streaming app, if you're willing to endure ads and song repeats on occasion. Much like other music streaming apps, Pandora Radio will stream music suggestions for View full description. PROS Music recommendations based on your library Like or dislike certain music for better recommendations Sync with your online profile Various music categories available. CONS Sometimes repeats songs frequently Advertisements on the free version Songs freeze on slower internet connections.

Softonic review Pandora Radio is a mobile app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that allows you to listen to music recommendations selected based on your library inventory. Minor bug fixes with registration Advertisement. Download Pandora Radio 6.