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Adventurers! Track your and Pathfinder characters this digital character sheet. Features: Keep track of all the necessary numbers: HP, XP, spell slots, etc.
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This means the roll of the dice can take into account the player's bonuses and the creature's armor class to help determine the outcome of the battle, and this includes tracking damage, making saving throws and many of the other pieces of information that come up during a session. Fantasy Grounds can be purchased outright or through a monthly subscription and is available as stand-alone software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is a demo available to check out a set of limited features for free. The other big name in virtual tabletops, Roll20 doesn't have quite the deep feature set as Fantasy Grounds, but it is also much easier to use.

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It covers the basics of what any roleplaying group will need, including access to maps, creating custom maps, keeping track of character sheets, etc. Roll20 is web-based, so you can use it on any PC.

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There are also apps available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Roll20 is available as a subscription with month-to-month and year-to-year options. It also has a free version. There's no need for the game master to do absolutely everything these days.

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There's plenty of software out there to give you a helping hand, and while the GMs of old might have played behind a cardboard screen, the modern GM may play behind a laptop, tablet and a smartphone. Is managing combat getting you down? By far one of the most tedious aspects of the game master is keeping track of all of the numbers during combat. That's where Game Master comes into play.

This awesome app by Lion's Den will let you set up encounters, keep track of initiative by automatically rolling for the monster side and letting you input the player rolls, and keep track of the health of all players and creatures. It will even set up to-hit and damage rolls for the monster.

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The encounters can be saved to a campaign, and you can have multiple campaigns saved. Game Master is available for the iPhone and iPad, and it supports 5th, 4th and 3. While Game Master does a great job of managing combat encounters, Realm Works is more about managing your campaign and your world as a whole. The software allows you to keep track of your NPCs, locations in the world, plot lines, etc.

While it doesn't include any map making, you can import maps made in other software and place pins on important areas such as encounters and traps. It also helps facilitate the fog of war, so you can let your players explore through the map. It comes in two varieties: While it is possible to do mapping in image editing software like PhotoShop, Paint. Net, and GIMP, dedicated mapping software can definitely save a lot of time and energy.

Campaign Cartographer by Pro Fantasy is for the serious game master that wants to map out an entire world and fill it in with castles, towers, dungeons, etc.

The iPad as a character sheet

The basic pack gives you the ability to draw out the campaign world, and with some add-on packs, you can create dungeons, caves and other adventuring areas. On the iPhone and iPad side of things, Battle Map 2 is a handy tool for creating battle maps or small areas. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The iPad as a character sheet.


Thread starter TrvShane Start date Aug 8, TrvShane Stumblin' around the net Validated User. Aug 8, Hi folks, Being the new owner of a shiny iPad, I am looking to integrate it with my gaming hobby. What apps out there will allow me to use my iPad as a character sheet? I know that I could just make one in pages or numbers, but I was hoping to find an app that all me to fill and save PDF forms, or an extension to good reader.

Do any of you know of one? I'm late to the iPad party, so I am hoping that someone here has the answer.

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Thanks, Shane. Gehennaheretic Harbinger of Fluffy Validated User. Aug 9, TrvShane said: Vargen Registered User Validated User. I've had good luck using Pages for character sheets on my Mac, both for printing and for filling out on the computer. If you spell out you size it figure into your DT and Reflex if applicable. Skills figure in your character level even though there isn't a column for it. Armor adds into fort, replaces Reflex, and max Dex is figured. Here is the.

If you have any questions or see any bugs please let me know.

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