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In addition to using your BlackBerry to make phone calls, write emails and play BrickBreaker, you can now use it to change the channels on your TV, pause your .
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Applications by manufacturers of smartphones for television only. Manufacturers have different applications through which the smartphone and TV connection that fact on the same network and you can use the phone as a remote control. We can also, through the application, view all content provided by Smart TV. Ask a Question. How to use Blackberry Priv as a remote for TV. Your answer Your name to display optional: Email me at this address if my answer is selected or commented on: Email me if my answer is selected or commented on Privacy: Your email address will only be used for sending these notifications.


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Your comment on this answer: Your name to display optional: RedEye is currently available for iOS only; Thinkflood, though, has suggested that it will be porting the app to Android, since the RedEye Mini plugs into the phone's headphone jack rather than the proprietary power and data connector. Some apps forgo dongles, using external boxes for control instead. The upside of this arrangement is that you don't need to attach a gizmo to your phone. The downside depends on the specific box.

Remote Control Collection for BlackBerry - Download

The phone communicates with the box via Bluetooth. The embedded computer has its own Wi-Fi connection, which you can access remotely from your iPhone. As a result, you can remotely control your AV rack anywhere you happen to be--even when you're not at home. Another intriguing device is the Peel Universal Remote.

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Peel first arrived on the scene with a social-media-focused guide app for TV viewing. Peel aims to integrate its social media capabilities into the remote control functionality. The idea of controlling your AV rack from wherever you are may seem a little obsessive: After all, why would you want to turn your receiver on and off if you're on vacation?

But that isn't the point--what these devices are promising to do is give you control over VCR or DVR scheduling or, in some cases, the ability to view what you've recorded remotely. Not everyone is a TV junkie in need of switching among multiple devices and constantly monitoring what's happening with their home theater systems. Quite a number of users, including some of my own family members, would be content to be able to schedule shows for their DVR anytime, anywhere. In fact, you can do so already, depending on which DVR or service you have.

For example, if you search the iTunes store, you'll find individual apps that give you control over specific services. Many of these apps are also coming to Google's Android platform. Android users have similar options. And Comcast and Verizon have announced that they'll be making Android versions of their respective apps available in the near future. It's currently distributed in Europe; availability in the United States market is uncertain.

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The T1 includes built-in learning remote software, too, so you don't need to hunt for a third-party app. Alternatively, you can take complete control of your home theater PC with an app such as HippoRemote , which turns your handset into a wireless keyboard and touchpad for your home theater PC or any PC, for that matter.

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Your HDTV is the centerpiece of your home theater. Check out these five projects that work with Why buy an HDTV when you have a perfectly good screen right in front of you? Here's how to stream Here's how to use a smartphone to replace your collection of remote controls for your home theater. How to use your mobile device to control your home theater.

Pronto Peel universal remote control review: Cheap and relatively powerful, How to enable color nightvision on a Ring camera. How to Watch Your A universal remote control saved my marriage. Smartphones as Universal Remotes Using your smartphone as a universal remote isn't a new idea; it has been around almost as long as smartphones have.

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  • The Invisible World Most modern AV devices still use remote controls that employ infrared light beams. Dedicated Applications Not everyone is a TV junkie in need of switching among multiple devices and constantly monitoring what's happening with their home theater systems. I'll take a look at one example, the Dish Remote Access application, on the next page.

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